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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 26, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> if the girls get ink the prest might follow suit. so for all of our sakes we are begging you please don't do it. i'm monica crowley in tonight for sean. have a great weekend. >> greta: why are we still paying him? we are paying the salary of the u.n. official oh blamed the united states for the the boston bombing. can't we fire him? president obama promised healthcare law would not cost you more. the plan changed big time. news tonight some might be paying 25% on premiums. all that ahead. first, cleared for takeoff. >> i think we all agree the f.a.a. and administration has handled this sequester poorly. >> the house has passed a measure that will end the f.a.a. air traffic controller furloughs. and the president has said he will sign it. >> we are here today because this administration has decided to put politics over
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passengers. >> no members of congress should be surprised at the havoc brought by the sequester. after all, they caused it. >> mr. president, i urge you, tell the administration to glow up. >> if you are going to implement the is sequester are let the agencies have the flexibility to do the less harm to the american public. >> the delays a problem for not just business travelers and members of congress but for every american. >> flight delays just the tip of the iceberg. >> the administration is playing shameful politics with sequestration at the cost of hard working american families. >> greta: after a week of inexcusable flight delays and a national public uproar congress green lighting a bill to end air traffic control furloughs. is the damage to the economy already done? what about the other problems not fixed. donald trump joins us. nice to talk to you, donald.
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>> hello, greta. >> greta: the mess, what has been the impact on business and will is now be over? >> well, it has been very negative. people are waiting three, four, five hours at the airport. it was politics and i think it backfired on the president and probably everybody else that played the game but you it has been certainly very negative for businesses all throughout the country. >> greta: you say it backfired on the president and it was politics? how has it backfired. h his second term and not going to run again. does that mean that he won't be as influencial in other programs he would like to sort of martial through the house and the senate? >> they say he wanted this to happen from the standpoint he wanted to show that he was right about the sequester. almost hard to believe that that could be possible but there are people that i know very much that he wanted this to happen but it really backfired on him and it is a shame. but a shame really for the people that are waiting five hours at an airport to take off. it has been a mess. >> greta: when you say he wanted this to happen?
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what does he get out of it? i know with the rest of us, it has been painful to the american people. whether you fly or don't fly you want our products or careries or whatever is karied carried in the cargo bin of the plane to get to the destination. >> the cuts he made were harmful to the economy. it was something that hasn't worked out. and he didn't feel and nobody felt it could have been this bad. it has really been bad. you are also talking about safety. talking about waiting and waiting for hours in many cases and many hours. but you are also talking about flight safety and you can't mess around with that, greta. >> greta: the f.a.a., the way the f.a.a. discussed it, they said it had to do with efficiency which i frankly didn't agree on it and i thought if anything did happen catastrophic there would be blood on the hands of every politician in washington who wasn't pushing to have some
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answers to sequestration. i thought it was far more dangerous than people realize and we got luckia that nothing happened. i don't get what the president wins from this by pushing this through. i don't understand why inflicting the american people with this is in any way positive for the president. >> well, i would certainly think you have to ask the president that question because i don't see it either but many, many people are saying that is what happened. it just turned out to be much more serious. the amazing thing, it is a very, very small amount of money relative to what is going on in the country and the economy. dealing with a small amount of money but it was painful and very painful to the business. not only the money crowd are talking about, the money that the country is using because they can't function properly. and i know many people that canceled flights. they were doing business trips and doing trips, even if you said vacations. the resorts aren't doing as well. a lot of things happened and the real number i think is
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probably untold. nobody knows what the real number is. >> greta: i'm suspicious also impact on morale and morale matters because when the country is feeling low the economy has a harder time getting revved up. the consumer confidence goes down. the fact when we see our politicians inflicting this pane on us and see the president not show the leadership to rise above it and get the house and senate to come up with a solution i think is a dammenning effect on the nation's morale and that happens. agree or disagree? >> i agree. in terms of the nation's morale it wouldn't be high anyway. now, millions of people waiting at airports for five hours to get on to an airplane. i would say their morale is not too good. i agree with you. >> greta: what about the impact on military. that is the next area of cuts. you tweeted you were reflecting on the sequester cuts to military versus what is going on in china. >> i don't like the military cuts and i don't think it is
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necessary. what we need is to get the country going again. if we could bring our jobs back to this country everything is solved. you don't have problems any more because we would be taking in so much money and be so rich again. right now we are a poor nation. we are a debtor nation but we would be strong and solid again. i hate cutting military. how do you cut mill tare arery when the things happening to us are happening and the world hates us. you look at the world they hate us. we should cutting military. -- we shouldn't be cutting military. i hate to see it. >> greta: how much attention really is being focused, do you have the sense that the government is focusing on the problem that so many americans are unemployed and i go right back to the inner city where the unemployment rates are 16% to 26% in some neighborhoods. >> it is the worst and the inner city is the worst. other countries are making our products and taking our jobs
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and not necessarily playing by the rule. and frankly, in most cases they are not playing by the rules because there is nobody to say you are not playing by the rules. what have to do and do it strongly if we don't get them to play fair with the currency ma nip lakes and i'm talking about china and there are other countries, not just china and when you look at opec where the oil is $90 and $100 a barrel and there is so much oil around. it is a monopoly. they are just setting the price of oil and it is a killer for the country. if oil is more than $40 a barrel in this country i don't think the country can do well and that is what is happening. >> greta: are we weak in the cents that we don't enforce like different currency, two after currency manipulators? are are we looking the other way and trying to sort of please everybody but not showing leadership or protection of the american people? >> we don't do anything. we have such power.
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we made these countries wealthy. if you travel to some of these countries with the beautiful airports that you land at and the beautiful bridges they just built and the magnificent everything that they have including roadways, hoyts, schools and then come back here, we are becoming like a third world country. you land at la guardia or kennedy or lax we are becoming like a third world country. you go to some of the countries where they have airports that are so magnificent you have never seen anything like it and then we arrive into our great country and we are like literally it has become leak a third world country and it is very, very sad. >> greta: well, to the extent the airports do tell something, nothing more spectacular than the airport in beijing. >> there are many of them like that all over china but all over the middle east. you know they built it with our money. if you get right down to it, it is all our money, greta. let's get people moving.
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come on, greta, you can do better. >> greta: thank you, donald. i thought you were going to do better. thank you donald. >> is there a political cost to sequester and who should pay? rnc chair reince priebus joins us. nice to see you. >> how are you? >> greta: you are no doubt going blame the democratic party and the president for sequestrations. do the republicans share any of the responsibility or blame for what is going on with sequestration? the. >> let me back up a little bit because i thought you and mr. trump were into an interesting conversation about what does the president have to gain. let's back up for one second. you remember a supercommittee was put together a long time ago to figure out how we could reduce spending in the country. they failed and as a result of that failure we had this thing called the sequestration which was these spending cuts. and there were two series of the case.
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-- toothier areries of the case. one theory was that the president and democrats wanted is they wanted a line-by-line across-the-board regardless of the cut to happen on a percentage basis on every line item in washington and the theory was is that it would be so painful and so erratic that republicans would have to come back and accept the tax increases that the president wanted. that was their theory. the republicans theory of the case was. >> greta: let me stop you one second. that is such a lo such a lowsyo play with the american people. they don't do their job and the job is not being done so let's punish the american people so the american people get hurt or rise up and scream. >> 100% agreed. the other theory of the case was fine we will have the spending cuts but let's let's
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president the flexibility to decide what programs should be cut with the department heads and what shouldn't. it if you don't want to cut start you don't cut head start. maybe not layoff air traffic controllers. maybe there is consultants to county and retreats that need to be cut. there were two theories. now, the consequences of what happened today is that in the future next week, the week after when every one of these things pop up and you and mr. trump talked about it in regard to the the mill tare arery or what might be coming next in head start now we have a plan and the plan is going be that the flexible is going to be given to the department and they will decide what to spend money on and what not to. >> greta: that is a great idea but here is the problem. a good idea i mean there is flexibility but it has to be done bill by bill by bill by bill. department by department by department, right? >> it didn't have to be that
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way. >> greta: but that is the the way -- >> that is the way it is probably going to happen. >> greta: here is the problem. let me stop you for a second. if that is the way it is done while they do the little busy work and playing around they will say they are too busy to do tax reform. too busy to do immigration reform because they are doing these other things. to the extent they play the game to do every single department as the crisis arises they can't do the other work and they got into the mess because they didn't do their work in the first place. >> to be clear, though, the president and i'm not saying it might not happen in the future the democrats might want this authority back but the president was at one point given the option of being able to do what we are talking about right now across-the-board without having to do this piece meal deal. he didn't want to take it. and my -- and he didn't want to take it because they wanted to have the tax increases across the board and not actually go through with the spending cuts. the problem is when you put
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people on planes for three or four hours and you are waiting at a terminal and sitting is on a tarmac obviously people get livid about that. the democrats even said we are not sticking with the president on this thing. we will fix this problem and move on. the issue now, though, greta as we talked about is down the road next week and the week after i mean they have totally lost their position and what they thought was going be their leverage on this. total loss. even a column this afternoon in the washington post just 100% loser for the president and the democrats. >> greta: i don't understand, though, is that why they have to inflict the pain on the american people for what they fundamentally didn't do in the first place and still won't do. >> they shouldn't. >> greta: and require us to raise hell. a little part of us thinks that the reason that members of congress moved so fast on the faa is they don't want to sit on the tarmac themselves either
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because they all leave town every friday night only to return back here on monday. right? >> just remember, i repeat it again. the president had the ability to do all of this on his own. >> greta: and it he is the lead. it wasn't the republicans coming now. we gave did to them. >> greta: he is the leader. that is part of the job about being leader of the country. mr. chairman, thank you, sir. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: dhokhar tsarnaev is now in a federal prison hospital. tonight the carjacking victim is telling his terrifying story. he spoke to eric moscowitz. eric joins us. nice to talk to you. >> like wise. thanks for having me. >> greta: the story is absolutely gripping. what happened? what did this man tell you? >> starts with him pulling over
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to send a text message which tells you about danny, that is his american name. he has a chinese name that he asked us not to share. private but a decent quiet guy. 26. engineer are turned enter are proneuentrepreneur who came heo school. the older brother comes up to window and raps on the window. he doesn't make out what he is saying soloers the window and he reaches in the window and flashes a silver handgun at him. first he says give me your money and then says have you been following the boston marathon bombings did i that and i killed a police officer in cambridge tonight and i'm serious don't bestupid. from a robbery to a carjacking to a kidnapping and this guy who really had only been back in the country for two months after being in china is now on the beginning of a 90 minute ordeal. first with one brother in the
7:16 pm
car with him and the other tailing in another car and both in the car after he loads what what he thinks are suit cases but later learns out they are explosive devices. 90 minutes threatening him with that. just a really harrowing tale. >> greta: at some point did he receive a phone call or a text from a friend? >> they asked him does any one care about you and he says no. because he wants them to -- he is trying to be sort of as invisible as possible. at a certain point he gets a text message from his roommate in chinese and tamerlan the older brother of the two terrorists takes the phone, looks at the text the message and says what does it say and he reads it to him and he says do you have an english to chinese dictionary app so he shows the app and he types out a message that says i'm sick and staying with a friend tonight and sends it. even though it is chinese seems weird to the roommate so the
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roommate then calls, no answer. there is another call. tamerlan tells danny answer the phone. if you say a word in chinese i will kill you because he knows if he speaks mandarin to his roommate he could tell them i'm in the mercedes ml 350 here is the plate number we are here come find us. he says in english i'm sorry i'm sick i have to go and tamerlan says to him good job, good boy and they keep drive. >> greta: how did he get away? >> he realizes they may want to go to new york. he figures two ways. one, they are speaking in a language that he doesn't understand but he picks up manhattan while they are talking. they said can you car go out of state? he say hass do you mean. >> they said to new york. that is the second clue they want to go to new york. he doesn't know what is going to happen. the gas is coming low. how many more miles can we get on the car? he says 10 to 20. so they start looking for a gas
7:18 pm
station and the first is closed. theyster to turn around and come back towards boston. when they pull into the gas station the younger brother gets out of the back seat to fill up with a credit card and wraps on the window and says cash only and the older brother gives him $50 and sends him in to the food mart to pay for the gas and that leaves the car owner and the other brother in the car. danny realizes the gun is in the pocket of the driver side door of the mercedes and the older brother is fiddling with the gps. he knows this is his chance to get away. he tries to as swiftly as he can unbuckle his seatbelt and open the door and get out and slam the door as quick as he can. the older brother real sizes what is going on and puts down the gps and curses in english and tries to reach for him but can't get him. he runs along the side of the the car. it would be he a difficult shot over the seat and through the window. all but impossible. sprints to another gas station across the street and bursts in
7:19 pm
out of breath. at first the clerk thought he was a drunk guy running in. language barriers. realized what is happening and gave him the phone and they called 911 and the police are there in minutes. >> greta: amazing story. got the story. the interview we all wanted. and when i saw it in the boston globe i had to talk to you about it and wanted the viewers to hear it. eric, thank you very much. >> thank you. it was a pleasure. >> greta: why are we saying the salary of a u.n. official who blames america for the boston bombing and the murders? the latest next. and were there red flags that were missed? could the marathon terror attack have been prevented? a member of the senate homeland security committee is here. plus, michael bublee going underground. why is he going underground? we'll tell you, coming up. bayer advanced aspirin blocks pain at the site.
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>> greta: remember the u.n. official who blamed the united states for the marathon pommings tha bombings that hurd murdered three and hurt more than 200. news about falk and chances are you will be angrier are. byron york joins us. i guess that has to do with money?
7:24 pm
who pays him? >> a good bit of his salary is paid by the united states by pays to support the united nations human rights council and so he is an american, 81 years old. a former professor of international law at princeton. has a history of making statements kind of like this. and what we have seen at the u.n. and not wake of this posting is we have seen this kind of massive but passing where reporters have been saying to u.n. officials does the secretary general agree with this and support this and what is he going to do about it and basically he doesn't agree with it but seas i can't do anything about it. nobody can do anything about it. >> greta: is that true? >> the human rights council is a separate body elected by members of the u.n. and you have to remember a lot of the members of the united nations are very antiamerican. they are not free countries. they are not countries that are liberal democracies that have things like freedom of speech, freedom of religion.
7:25 pm
a lot are repressive and don't like the united states. in the past we are talking about members like cuba, like china, like venezuela. and we have had a number of very, very antidemocratic countries with terrible human rights records being elect to the human rights council and denouncing the united states. >> greta: i think it is notable that ambassador susan wright tweeted her outrage. she tweeted someone who spews such vitreal has no place at the u.n. team for him to go. so the obama administration is saying what they think about him. >> the u.s. am bass dorland to the u.n. susan rice has condemned this and other u.n. officials have condemned this. in the past they have said good things about the human rights council which has been among its critics a joke that isn't at all funny because you have so many violators of human rights on the council. >> greta: he tried to bac pedaa
7:26 pm
little bit. he says the only effort was to suggest in addition to grieving and bringing the pe perpetratos to justice -- he only said it after he was outraged. >> he says he wasn't trying to connect any dots but he was. and the dots were are that the world has been enrage by american conduct and the war on terror, the war in afghanistan and the war in iraq. the bush administration in general and this is what happened. he called and he is an american, remember, he called the united states a menace to the world. and to itself in the original post. so he is backing off a little bit if you read his correction or explanation today. >> greta: a little late, though. >> a little late. >> greta: a little late. >> and also because he got so many negative comments like he feels like he was mistreated.
7:27 pm
>> greta: and he is a princeton professor. not like he wasn't smart enough to put out what he thought. not like he had a communication problem. this is what he thought and he back-pedaled now. >> he has been on theis the let fringe for decades. >> greta: this is way off the charts. >> it is. at a time when the sensitivity about the boston story is huge and we saw you this a little bit after september 11th there were some who blamed the united states for the attack on the united states at the time. not that the united states had committed it but that it brought it on itself by its policies in the world and now we are seeing it again. >> greta: and now paying for him in part. thank you. >> it thank you. >> greta: now, to the hot button issue on the u.s. is contributes to his salary. should someone try to figure out a way to it fire falk or just let this one go?
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gross was there a colossal failure in the u.s. security is system. in in 2011 we were warned about tamerlan tsarnaev. and news tonight the associated press reporting the mother of the accused bombers is also in the federal terror database. senator ron johnson is on the homeland security committee and joins us. good to see you. how does this fall through? mother and son on the date itbase? >> we need to find out why it did fall through.
7:33 pm
the moment where it really broke down was the name was entered into the is system that would actually ping the customs and border protection part homeland security but nothing happened to that pin. if. and what we need to find out is exactly what actions does. >> greta: what happens if you get tagged? what happens? >> what ends up happening is the ping goes through one individual who is sorting through tens if not hundreds of the pings during the day and has to make a decision whether or not to disseminate that information. that is the way i'm hearing it right now and obviously that broke down because what should have happened is probably the border agent as he was leaving the country should have done something and interviewed him and that information should have been passed along to the cia probably in russia because that is where he flue to and then also should have set up a longer time period where he
7:34 pm
would be on the watch list because what ends up happening. when was first entered in the text system that sets it up for a year and he traveled outside the united states within a year so he was pinged but then because he didn't come back in until after the year expired when came back into the country nothing happened. so that is where the breakdown occurred. >> greta: i'm less concerned when someone leaves the country than when someone comes into the country. >> you're right. >> greta: so pinging going out is one problem. the fact that he wasn't p pings coming in. >> if you remember, going back to osama bin laden we hadn't heard from osama bin laden in ate years. if he had been on the wash list he would have been watch list he is years by the time we caught up with him. >> we do have to have committee hearings hopefully some behind closed doors to ask questions and find out what is the process. so much of this thing ought to be you aah you toe mated. to have an individual we don't know who the individual was and
7:35 pm
where the breakdown occurred but probably way too much information to expecter human being to be able to intelligently disseminate that information accurately in all cases. >> greta: but they should have had enough sense to say i can't do this alone to begin with. if a human being can't do this. >> the system should have been set up to realize that one human being was not capable of doing that properly. >> what about the fact that we have mother and son which is an interesting combination on the watch list? >> the fbi had done its job and realized when we were notified by the russians which is unusual, too, the are you shans would notify the fbi rather than the cia initially. but again the fbi did follow up and interviewed the family and found out that they -- >> greta: what did they do with the information? >> put them in the wash list. there was apparently nothing -- >> greta: it is like who is on first. >> there was nothing that could really prompt further law enforcement activity but that
7:36 pm
is why you put people on the watch list. the fact that they are off the watch list in a year is a a problem. the fact that when is ping occurred nothing happened with the information is a problem. >> greta: did he notify russia, pinged here and off to your country and you are the one that is concerned with him? >> i think it just went no where. an individual. that is what we have to find out. what happened with the information. apparently nothing and that is where the breakdown occurred. >> greta: senator, always nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: from the great state of wisconsin i might add. nice to see you. remember how obama care was not going to cost you more? one of the nation's largest healthcare insurers in the state of maryland wants a 25% hike in premiums costs. is that just the beginning. steve forbes joins us. average 25%. that means somebody is going to get more than 25%.
7:37 pm
>> that's right. younger people will get hit hard. younger people will be subsidizing older people and so you will see a lot o of younger people say the heck with it we are not the going to pay thousands of dollars if we need thence we will wait until we get sick and go and get the insurance and under the law the insurers have to provide insurance even if you are ill and have a condition. >> greta: this is almost deluxal. when this was sold to the american people health costs were not supposed to go up. 25% is not 3%. it is a huge jump and like i said it is an average. some getting hit more than 25%. what in the world, how can any one pay this stuff? >> well, the answer is the taxpayers supposedly are going to provide is subsidies but if you read the fine print i'm he told that the subsidies won't provide the costs of this thing. we have a massive deluxal
7:38 pm
exercise where they think somebody out of mars is going to end up paying for this thing and i think that is one reason why senator bachus decided to hang it up the other day. he heads up the finance committee in the senate. he said the obama care is a train wreck when it becomes fully implemented next year and he is hanging up the spikes and leaving the game. he is retiring from the senate. i think people are realizing bureaucratically the health and human services is way behind the curve. the exchanges 60 pages of questionnaires and 20 pages of explanations. the only people that will make the effort to goen out exchanges are those who are really sick and they will be shocked by the cost of these things. these things are are no bargain at the end of the day that people have to lay out money for. >> when you look at the numbers of the state we are talking about maryland where care first is asked for permission to raise premiums an average of 25%. they provide 70% of maryland residents with individual policies. this isn't just four or five
7:39 pm
people hit. they provide 70% of those. i can only imagine. the third state that has come forward with its numbers. we still have to hear from the rest of the states and you have got hhs secretary saying it is going up. i don't know what is going to happen to in. >> i think what you will see come out in the future is this thing is going to implode by its own complexity and own unworkability. already now even the states that don't have exchanges two other states do and you are getting big increases there but you in a state like, massachusetts, which has sort of a forerunner of obama care costs are rising there rapidly. it is causing a budget crisis. and people are starting to game the system. they are seaing why should we lay out thousands of dollars for insurance when the
7:40 pm
companies have to give us the insurance when we are sick so wait until we get sick and then we will get the insurance and the care and then we will go off when hopefully we get well fen. california z is having enormous increases in insurance and the state is belly aching about that. so this is going to roll all over the country and i think it going to implode and we are going to have to revisit the thing next year and certainly in 2015. >> greta: steve, thank you. always nice to see you. >> good to see you, greta. thank you. >> greta: coming up, a
7:41 pm
congressman calls it one of the most disasterrously mismanaged and corrupt programs in u.s. history. which program is he talking about and how much will it cost you? here to tell you next. you have to see where grammy winner michael buble gave a surprise performance. that's coming up. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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>> greta: another one. the obama administration loaned more than $500 million in loans and now the car company thought to be on the verge of collapse and could cost all of us $00 million. congressman jim jordan an oversight subcommittee chair joins us.
7:45 pm
what is the story? >> just a pattern at the department of energy. not the first company as you mentioned. solyndra, beacon power. abound solar. a 123 battery and fisker. there is a great piece in the "wall street journal" they will tell you all the time they base the decisions on the merits of the so-called project and the company. but yet when you go through the cap first kerr for example. triple c credit rating. junk status. >> greta: no private person would lend money. >> and what that does, too, is crowd out worthy companies from getting private investment. because they will follow well if the government is backing this maybe that is where we should private investment at the opportunity cost of helping some other worthy project throughout. triple c credit rating. the loan value was twice that of the collateral. who does something lea like th? only the government and department of energy with your tax dollars and we have an
7:46 pm
e-mail from the ceo of fisker saying we need the loan approved now because i can't meet payroll. couldn't meet payroll and had a junk credit rating and yet get your money. it has to be either complete income pa tense which they say that is not the case or it is political connections and that is what we point out or both frankly. >> greta: did you find a political connection? >> one of the big investors is kleiner perkins and john dorr happens to be on the economic recovery and advisory board. al gore happens to be a part of kleiner perkins and mr. fisker said there is no political involvement. kleiner perkins had over $2 million investment in stake in fisker. all of the people that met with the president never once talked about it? of course, they did. it has to be one or the other. all i can say is probably a little bit of incompetentence
7:47 pm
and the. >> how much are we going to lose? >> $200 million. >> we should have never gotten in in in the first. >> greta: 200 million. >> real taxpayer money. >> should be a sign when private people don't want to invest in something that maybe the government shouldn't but anyway. >> and why we should stay out of it all together. >> greta: swooning in the is subway. buble giving commuters a surprise. that's next. ♪ this is abraham lincoln. the spot where a president puts the most influencual president. i chose lincoln. influencial president has a lot of meaning because my dad is by far the most influencial
7:48 pm
president. as a matter of fact, i wouldn't be here as a form are president without his unconditional love and so i tell people 41's portrait is in my heart and i put lincoln on the wall and he had a great vision for the country. leadership requires vision and principles and lincoln is a great example of that. >> up close with 43. president bush, sunday at 9:00 p.m. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. for sein a whole new way.
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>> greta: okay. time to hash it out. a famous singer goes underground literally. yahoo tweeting grammy winning singer michael buble serenades nyc commuter in the subway.
7:53 pm
how cool is that? looks like subway riders thought it was. check it out. ♪ and since you have been done, don't you know i sit around with my head hanging down and i wonder ♪ >> saying his subway concert was the best part of the new album promotion. at least a few of the commuters will buy the album. it was bush 43 day in the spot light but his father making headlines. time .com tweets just so you know, george h.w. bush has the best socks. that's right. during the bush library dedication the 41st president grabbing attention with his hot pink socks and that is not the first time he has worn fashionable foot wear. the collection includes red, white and blue and stars and stripes. and the a beer man by soon be out of a job. it as bird. it as plane. it is a beer drone.
7:54 pm
unmanned beer delivery service is now reality at a south of a condition music festival. order beer from phones and then a hand guided drone will make the deliveries. an interesting use of technology. and magic meets royalty. the daily telegraph tweeting duke and duchess of cambridge duel on harry potter set. paying a visit to the studio where the harry potter movies were filmed. they got to play with all kinds of movie props. the duke and duchess duking it out and prince william taking a dig at prince harry saying i haven't told him yet that harry potter isficational. keep the secret for a little longer. nothing like a little royal sibling rivalry. now, your turn to hash it out with us. don't forget to follow me on twitter @ gretawire. and coming up, ellen degeneres teaming up with dennis quaid.
7:55 pm
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>> greta: time for last call. you never know what to expect on the ellen show this, time, pulling a prank on the show's nurse. >> i feel like i'm getting control here. >> i feel like i'm getting shorter. i stand back to back to you. >> can i just stand back to back to you. >> stand back. >> greta: yes. i was taller. >> i was taller. >> just count how many times i can hop on one leg what do you say? >> sure. >> one, two, three. four. there is a noise in my ear this whole time. it's ellen degeneres. she's been telling me what to say, and do. >> greta: that is your last
8:00 pm
call. we'll see you again monday night. make sure you go to gretawir gretawe.d let us know what you thought about the show. good night from washington. rep" for friday, april 26, 2013, i'm john in for shepard smith >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. >> no tax cut would have helped deal with this or help us recover. this is very expensive. >> bill: former congressman barney frank accused of politicizing the boston terror bombing. >> do you feel like you are capitalizing and making political hay of the event that happened? >> bill: tonight, mr. frank returns to the "factor." and anything could happen. >> you told us at buoyant that you had in high school a little bit of a crush on him. >> yes, i did. how could you not? >> bill: some people are annoyed that the media is spending time humanizing the boston bombers. is that a legitimate criticis criticism?


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